Bonnie Lang - Lets Drive

Bonnie Lang - Lets Drive

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My inspiration comes from artists like Stevie Nicks, Miranda Lambert, oh there's so many. Seeing performances on massive stages under bright shiny lights made me fall in love with the idea of doing the same one day when I grew up. Fast forward to the present and my dream is still alive. I've performed throughout Texas. I love the passion and fire music gives me and when I can extend that to my fans, that's the best part of it all!


On Stage at Venues with Texas Artists

I'm a Texas singer and songwriter. I've had the opportunity to perform at legendary venues like Luckenbach and Floores Country Store. I've performed at many festivals, county fairs and rodeos. I've shared the stage with the amazing Bellamy Brothers and Mark Chesnutt. I've also shared it with Texas artists like Roger Creager, Jon Wolfe, Kevin Fowler, Wade Bowen, Hudson Moore and many more. 

My New Album is here with more singles coming

I love writing, creating mini-stories and exploring new ways to say something already been said. It's been five years since my last cd and I'm so happy to share my new self titled album with you! You've helped support me with the cost of the album when you bought t-shirts, put tips in our jar and came to our live shows. That means so much to me.

This is a journey I'm so happy I get to share with you!   

Peace, Love, Happiness and Hugs to YOU!   

Lets Drive Bonnie Lang