Bonnie Lang

About Bonnie Lang


My inspiration came from and still does from artists like Stevie Nicks, Miranda Lambert, oh there's so many. Seeing performances on massive stages under bright shiny lights made me fall in love with the idea of doing the same one day when I grew up. Fast forward to the present and my dream is still alive. I've performed throughout Texas. I love the passion and fire music gives me and when I can extend that to my fans, that's the best part of it all!


On Stage at Venues with Texas Artists

I'm a Texas singer and songwriter. I've had the opportunity to perform at legendary venues like Luckenbach and Floores Country Store. I've performed at the Rustic, many festivals, county fairs and rodeos. I've shared the stage with the amazing Bellamy Brothers and Mark Chesnutt. I've also shared it with with Texas artists like Roger Creager, Jon Wolfe, Kevin Fowler, Wade Bowen, Hudson Moore and many more. 


Whats Coming - New Singles

I love writing and I've been doing a lot of it. I'm super excited about my upcoming releases. My other releases "I Wanna Be", "Without You" and "Life Still Happens (When the World has Stopped)" are now on AppleMusic, YouTube, Spotify and Pandora.  


I released my third album in 2016, "The Road is Wide Open" which got a lot of attention with "Lang's honey and whiskey voice, filling the album are rich guitar melodies, banjo picking and warm upright bass tones." 

In 2013, I released my second cd "Where Have You Been" about tailgates, to heartache to meeting your soulmate.

After releasing my debut album in 2011, "I'm There" my single "Desperate" received rave reviews and garnered airplay from Texas Music radio stations. 

This is a journey I'm so happy I get to share with you!

All music is now available on iTunes.

Touch Your Heart

If you've never been to a show, you've got to catch one. It's full of excitement, energy and passion. I hope to win your heart and I hope to touch it with a song or two.

"Peace, love, happiness and hugs to you!"

                                                             - Bonnie Lang